Ben McCullough's Vision:
The Roadmap to What's Next

The Roadmap to What's Next is
a vision to a better Ohio. It involves a
refocus of our priorities in the Ohio General Assembly so we can give the people of Ohio what they deserve in the areas that matter most. The many issues tie into certain priorities that become the centerpiece of my plan. 

First, I believe the strength of innovation in our economic future ties into giving our children the best possible start with a 21st century education. They will shape our state's next decades in every facet.  In considering the jobs of tomorrow, we can marry industry and agriculture into a new partnership with technology to work toward what's next: clean energy as it relates to ethanol, wind, solar, biomass, and even hydrogen cell automobiles. As technological capacities grow in some industries, others will begin to flourish so research becomes a priority in vital sectors like health care and security. As we move forward in this vision, we must remember our Northwest Ohio values of family, hard work, and community - using these to ensure our young people have the opportunity we wish every day for them. That's the principle of the Roadmap to What's Next.

In order to create these new priorities and opportunities, the question comes to mind: how do we pay for it all? I propose a new, independent board to thoroughly review Ohio's spending, top to bottom. Is such a board really new bureaucracy when it has the potential to make many needed cuts, and save our state millions of dollars? The system works very efficiently in Texas and New Mexico, where simple changes like removal of lights from pop or soda machines has saved the state millions. These millions could be better used in fostering a 21st century education system that is world-class. They could be used as incentives to bring the future of America's economy to Northwest Ohio, utilizing our strategic location for the good of our people. These monies could help our farmers who feed the American dream, or help cover skyrocketing healthcare costs for our seniors. The possibilites are endless when we look out the window and ask "What's Next?"

I cannot sit back and remain satisfied with unemployment rates higher in Ohio than the national average, or higher in Defiance, Fulton and Williams Counties than even the state average. My friends, we can and will do better. A lot of dedication, thought and research went into this roadmap so I could present it to you today. I hope you take this Roadmap as a vision that can be worked on every day, so that I can bring it to the Statehouse for us with a promise of compromise. I will work so that we can move beyond partisanship and interest groups. Perhaps the binding element of this Roadmap that is most important is a change in priorities in Columbus. The only special interest we should be serving is the interests of you. And I promise I will never let partisanship stand in the way of what's best for Northwest Ohioans.

Please, take some time and read part or all of this Roadmap. I hope you find my ideas to be thought-provoking and interesting. If I can answer any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. As your representative, I'll always want to hear from you. Now as you read this, just look out the window, and ask "What's Next?" Look at all the possibilites before us! It's time for a new vision for Northwest Ohio, and I'll do my best to help take us there as your state representative. Click a topic below to read a part of my Roadmap.

*A 21st Century Education     *The Innovative Economy

*Enhancing Agriculture   *An Environmental Vision

*Ensuring Our Security   *Keeping Ohioans Healthy

*Northwest Ohio Values  *Youth And The Future
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A 21st Century Education
The Innovative Economy
Enhancing Agriculture
An Environmental Vision
Keeping Ohioans Healthy
Ensuring Our Security
Northwest Ohio Values
Youth and
the Future
Ben's Roadmap
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Ohio Federation
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American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
Local 11
Ohio State Building and Constuction Trades Council
Ohio State Legislative Board of the United Transportation Union
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Democratic Caucus
And this list does not include all local parties, community leaders & distinguished Republicans, Democrats and Independents!
But there is only one endorsement that Ben really seeks - and that is your vote of confidence on
November 7, 2006.
Thanks so much!
I am proud to dedicate this Roadmap to you, the people of   Northwest Ohio. I guarantee that with your support, I will do my   best to implement it for the good of our region, state, and nation. I truly believe that if we have the courage to seize this new opportunity, we will be able to reach a brighter tomorrow. First read the introduction below, then click a heading to read part of the Roadmap!
                      -Ben McCullough
Ohio State Representative
             Actions and Solutions for Defiance, Fulton, and Williams    
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