Below is a very simple and self-explanatory checklist of ways to get involved. First, please provide some information about yourself so we can get to know you better, then check boxes of as many "Get Involved!" types as you find convenient for you. Thanks in advance for all your help, and we look forward to working with you soon!

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Below are listed a number of ways you can participate. Please check as many boxes of activities that you would be willing to take part in! No experience is necessary! If you have any questions about these, please e-mail us first. Thank you!

Please review all the checked boxes above. When you are ready, click the "Submit Information" button below, and we will receive your information immediately!


Visit the Ben Gear page for a number of print-out items for Ben's campaign. Click on them, then feel free to print as many copies of any size as you'd like for your car window, binder, wall, t-shirt, as stickers or buttons, or anywhere else visible! Thank you!
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to get involved:

If you're deciding how to get involved, just think about how you can best help. Winning this campaign is truly a team effort. If you're good at writing, spend a few minutes to read Ben's Roadmap, then write a Letter to the Editor of your paper! If you like having people over, why not host a house party? If you like grassroots organizing, select "volunteer at an event" and you can help us from fairs to door knocking. The possibilities are endless. We need a great team to ensure Ben's victory on November 7th - and while you're at it, make sure you're registered to vote! Thanks!
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Would you like a special opportunity to get involved? Join one of 3 groups: Ben for Defiance, Ben for Fulton, or Ben for Williams! We need people to be on these committees for local organizing. If you can help, send us an
e-mail today! Thanks!
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Ways to Participate!
There are many ways to get involved in the Ben
McCullough campaign for State Representative! It's all
about spreading his positive message to as many people
as possible.
First, if you haven't already, register to vote!
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