My Message to Voters

Dear Friends,
Thank you for taking the time to visit my campaign
website. With your help and support we are on the way
to making Ohio great again. Our state has historically
been a powerhouse economically and politically, and if
we want to continue playing a major role in the United
States, then we must raise the bar to excellence again.
For sixteen years now the state of Ohio has settled for
being just "ok." Well, my friends, OK is no longer good
enough. Now is the time to bring in fresh ideas that will
help lead to a stronger, more vibrant Ohio. Why should
the people of Ohio follow when we could become the
leaders, and set the example? I promise as your
representative to lead with comprehensive plans for a
21st century education, an innovative economy, enhancing
agriculture, keeping Ohioans healthy, an environmental
vision, and ensuring our security – all to give us a better
home to build our values, and to give our youth hope for
the future.

I am fully aware that there will be many questions about
my age and experience, with many critics to convince.
Already I have heard people ask: "what can a twenty
year old do for me and others in our district?" To be
honest, this is indeed a fair question, one that should it
have been posed to me a year ago, I wouldn't have
been able to answer. But now I do. First, I was born and
raised in Northwest Ohio, and it's an area I love. But more than this, I know that we as a generation can do a better
job than anyone else, and it is time for us to take the reins and try. Ohio has led in the past, and if we seize this moment, we can ensure that future generations of this
great state will continue to lead as well. It's as easy as looking out the window and asking yourself: "what's next?" 

That is why it is with great pride and a humble heart that I
announce my candidacy in the 2006 election for
representative of the 74th Ohio House district. Let no one
doubt that I am willing to give the last full measure of
resolve and determination to represent the great people of
Northwest Ohio. Some people have addressed their concerns
that they see this as the wrong time both personally and
politically to run, and I appreciate their concern and good
intentions. However, let me explain why the time is now.
Northwest Ohio can longer afford to go unheard. Since we
are perceived of minimal political value, little time has been
invested into addressing and fighting for what the people of
Northwest Ohio deserve. If we continue on this track our
current leaders will fulfill only the interests of the “Three big
C’s” (seeing Ohio as just Columbus, Cleveland, and
Cincinnati) and not the interests of our people back home.
As your representative I will fight for the values that are
essential to the everyday life of our area and won’t put the
interests of the “Three big C’s” before ours.

Other people are concerned that this might be a bad time
politically to run. Well, if Abraham Lincoln would have been
influenced by these kind of words he wouldn't have become
not only our 16th president, but one of our greatest
presidents as well. Before Abraham Lincoln was elected in
1860 he had lost eight of his previous elections!

When we ask ourselves “What’s next?” we are standing in
the tradition of our Founding Fathers. Benjamin Franklin said it best when approached by a local woman after the 
ratification of our Constitution. “Dr. Franklin," she asked,
“What kind of government have you given us?” Dr. Franklin
replied, “My dear madam, a republic if you can keep it.”
Our democracy has only been around for 217 years and it
continues to be a great living experiment. There is no
guarantee that this great democracy of ours will be around
for another 200 years. Dwight D. Eisenhower once said,
“History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the
weak or the timid.” We can remained satisfied and allow
everything that all those fighting men and women fought
for and died for to slowly slip away.

However, we do have a chance to ensure the survival and success of this democracy. Part of this great experiment is to have the strength to seize a new opportunity when we see one - so do not be discouraged by this moment. The living part of democracy is taking chances, and I am asking for your support today- that the vibrancy of America’s dream will soar on the breath of a new tomorrow.    

Thank you, God bless, and may God continue to
bless America.


                             Benjamin P. McCullough 
1) Learn more about me personally here.
2) Click here to view the role and responsibilities of a
member of the Ohio House of Representatives.

"Easy as
looking out the
window and
asking yourself:
'What's Next?'"

"I will fight for
the values that
are essential
to the everyday
life of our area"

"When we ask ourselves "What's next?' we are standing in the tradition of our Founding Fathers"

"Have the strength to seize a new opportunity when we see one... do not be discouraged by this moment"
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