Why We Need Ben: A Voter Guide
You're joining us just in time for the
home-stretch. Since announcing his
candidacy on January 24, Ben McCullough
and his campaign have reached thousands
of voters face-to-face across Defiance,
Fulton and Williams Counties. This is truly an
effort in grassroots campaigning, the way it
should be. It matches the kind of State
Representative we'll have in Ben: a full-time
leader whose decisions are not based on
money, interest groups, or politics... but
people. He is a man of vision: someone with
actual plans who we can trust to truly stand up
to represent us and our values.  We are
people of determination, principles, honesty, and compassion, and we
deserve nothing less in the Ohio Statehouse. This webpage is an
overview of the many great features of this campaign, and
BenforOhio.com. Below, you will find links to other sections of Ben
McCullough's site, including his ideas, events, ways to get involved,
and much more. If you're ready to make history by electing someone
with a comprehensive vision, a bright, positive spirit and a work ethic
that is second to none, read on!
A Spotlight from Ben's Roadmap:
Cutting Costs with a Review
Do you know where your money's going? Politicians are spending it left
and right, and government departments spend millions without being
held accountable. And it's great to have many new initiatives, but only
if you can pay for them all. How can we get all these things done?
Ben McCullough calls for the creation of an independent board to
review state spending, top-to-bottom, and report back to you. This new
board will judge state spending against a department or project's
intents, and hold them accountable for spending each dollar the way
it was meant to be spent. This means no more secret investments, and
no more wasteful spending.
It only makes sense that every department proves its value, but not just
when it's time to ask for more money. Departments and projects need to
be doing the right thing even during the "off season," and make
certain that they are serving the public in the best way possible.
But that's only the first part. This board also will be responsible for
finding ways to effectively cut costs, like similar boards have done in
Texas and New Mexico. Did you know that millions of dollars can be
saved by turning off unnecessary lighting, switching off arcade
machines in rest areas when not in use, using better waste container
liners, recycling, and using energy-efficient lightbulbs? These are some
of the tactics other states' boards have used and implemented, and
Ohio can do even more.
Finally, you deserve to know where your money is going. State of Ohio
government departments will be required to show their progress and
spending not just to politicians, but to you. This new board will make
this information public and readily accessible through request by mail,
phone, and the Internet. You have the right to know where your money
is going, and judge for yourself if your leaders are spending it wisely.
With millions of dollars saved, coupled with effective current and future
spending scrutiny, more funds will be available to move Ohio into the
national and international forefront. With plans to fully fund our public
schools, invest in the jobs of tomorrow through smart business
incentives, ensure greater success for our family farmers and more,
Ben McCullough is ready to move Ohio toward a vision of
"What's Next."
Are you ready to learn more about this vision? There are 3 simple
ways to make it a reality.
1) Read more of Ben McCullough's Roadmap to What's Next -
   Click here.
2) Get involved in spreading the word about Ben and his Roadmap -
   Click here.
3) Mark your calendar: vote for Ben McCullough for State
   Representative on November 7.
Ben McCullough's "Roadmap to What's Next"
Do not be fooled by imitations. There is only one true Roadmap:
one true, positive vision for Northwest Ohioans. And that's Ben
McCullough's "Roadmap to What's Next." Since its introduction
this spring, Ben's Roadmap has been inspiring Ohioans
for a better tomorrow. As you might expect, Ben's opponents have
been skillful in claiming pieces of his vision as their own. While
we're glad people are uniting for change, make no mistake when
you vote on November 7th: only the leader who created this
Roadmap is the one who can carry it out as your Representative.
And that's Ben McCullough.
Ben McCullough's Roadmap is broad-based with many specific goals.
It's about achieving change not through higher taxes or bureaucracy,
but through accountability and cost-effective measures that look toward
the future. The plan includes 8 parts:
1) A 21st Century Education. Endorsed by the Ohio Federation of
Teachers and other educators, Ben's plan for education is based on
providing students with the tools they need to succeed in the 21st
century. Education is the key to our children, who are our greatest
asset. Read a 21st Century Education.
2) The Innovative Economy. Backed by OCSEA/AFSCME Local 11, the
Ohio AFL-CIO, the Ohio State BCTC & other workers, Ben's plan for the
economy is based on building from current successes & our strategic
location to bring the companies & jobs of tomorrow to Northwest Ohio.
Read the Innovative Economy.
3) Enhancing Agriculture. Family farmers in Northwest Ohio can look
toward a brighter horizon through energy-independence: increased
production of ethanol, biodiesel and the like. Also, large, out-of-state
megafarms need to be kept at bay to protect the soul of the American
dream. Read Enhancing Agriculture.
4) Keeping Ohioans Healthy. Affordable healthcare and prescription
drugs are a necessity and top priority for Ben McCullough. All children
deserve health coverage, and our seniors deserve increased prescription
options and an increase in local medical services and research.
Read Keeping Ohioans Healthy.
5) An Environmental Vision. Smart environmental practices are tied to
national security. Energy production of the future through ethanol and
other fuels means American reliance on the Midwest, not the Middle
East. Protection of our statewide treasures is vital, as is a balanced
ecosystem. Read an Environmental Vision.
6) Ensuring Our Security. Protecting Ohioans and Americans is the first
step toward a stronger Buckeye State. Stepping up law enforcement
communications at all levels saves lives. The right to self-protection
is fundamental, but cannot make it easier for terrorists to gain weapons
as well. Read Ensuring Our Security.
7) Northwest Ohio Values. It is time for a change in priorities and
political tone in Ohio. The values of honesty, hard work, compromise,
faith, and education are fundamental, and must therefore come first in
our work. Partisanship is the opposite of what Ohioans need and
deserve. Read Northwest Ohio Values.
8) Youth and the Future. Young people deserve an Ohio that they are
proud to call their home. As the future, they deserve the support of
someone who will fight as one of them in the Statehouse. Bettering
their education and job opportunities is vital if Ohio is to be reckoned
with again. Read Youth and the Future.
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